The Class

This is the first step to becoming a Pulley Member, a clear path that is geared to those who want to roast coffee for their business. It is five sessions meant to take you through all steps of production. 

  • choosing a green coffee

  • finding and choosing a roast profile

  • transferring the roast profile to a production roaster

  • attaining better roasting & quality control through Cropster

  • Quality Control & Cupping throughout the process

  • Packaging - Mechanics and Considerations

This course will give you a good feel for what it takes to produce a quality bag of roasted beans AND includes 150lbs of green coffee. In addition to the course you will get 1 extra hourly sessions on a production roaster to hone your skills and you will receive a copy of The Coffee Roaster's Companion.

15% Discount on up to 10 bags of select coffee purchased within the first 3 months of Membership for first time Members.



Get a glimpse into the craft of roasting coffee.This is meant to spark a curiosity into the very complex process that is coffee roasting. This is a group class and is a basic introduction. It is meant for the person who has never roasted coffee but is curious about the process. 

  • Roastery Tour

  • Personally roast 1 batch of coffee

  • Take home 5lbs of coffee

  • $250 per person 4 person minimum


contact info@pulleycollective to schedule a class